Fire & Safety

Fire Safety Installations are the life & fire safety systems are required in commercial, industrial & public buildings to ensure safety of occupants in the event of a fire or emergency. Fire Safety is an important issue for all of us. Most people will never face a major fire but don’t think it will never happen to you. Fire is an unpredictable catastrophe which can occur any time. Hence one should make sure he is always prepared for such contingencies. The primary goal of fire safety efforts is to protect building occupants from injury and to prevent loss of life and prevent property damage.

According to law, minimal fire safety equipment is mandatory for any developed property. Today, most of the builders and developers offer safety and security devices as part of their project. But some builders opt for cheap equipment instead of purchasing high quality ones. In some cities or state, it is mandatory to install fire safety devices in shopping malls, schools and colleges, high-rise building or apartment. Regular inspection as well as annual servicing is necessary to maintain the Fire Safety Equipment in good working condition.

Fire Detection & Alarm Solutions

Fire detection and alarm solutions cover a broad spectrum of applications, keeping thousands of people across the Gulf Sates safe every day, allowing them to live and work with the certainty that they are protected. 

Fire Protection Solutions

From a traditional Sprinkler and Hose Reel Systems to advanced Deluge, Waterspray and Water Mist Systems, Al Qaim Engineering Services LLC has the right solutions for today's modern fire risks.  

Security Solutions

Our business is about protecting people and property. At Al Qaim Engineering Services LLC, we are able to provide a full range of security systems to combat almost any security risk. 

Telecommunications Solutions

With our range of custom-engineered dedicated solutions, Al Qaim Engineering Services LLC provides Telecommunication Systems to our valued customers - from a stand alone system to a fully integrated network system.