Industrial Painting

Painting is an important part of equipment maintenance. While it may seem like it only impacts how the industrial machinery and equipment looks on the outside, it has just as much to do with the structure of the equipment as well. 

Industrial paint coating is a special, protective type of coating that prevents damage and corrosion from weakening metal or plastic of the equipment being used. Take a look at four of the different types of industrial paint coatings.

Solvent Base

Solvent based paints make for a heavy-duty color coating on your industrial machinery and equipment. Different industrial machinery and equipments are used for a wide variety of activities such as recreation, construction or agriculture, and finding a durable paint is what is going to protect the structure of the equipment, as well as keeping it looking great. 


Water-borne coatings use water as a solvent, which makes them eco-friendly and easy to apply. They are currently available for many different applications, including wood coatings, furniture coatings, plastic coatings, and printing inks. Binders for water-borne coatings are generally polyacrylate, polyvinyl ethers, or polyurethane resins. Additionally, epoxy and alkyd resins can be formulated for water-borne coating applications. 

Powder Coating

Powder coating line is programmed by newest technologies for hardware surface treatment. Either from pre-treatment system or powder spraying booth, it’s optimized on every side according to modern production requirements. Our powder coating booth cyclone capacity is unbeatable 98% with quick color change and cleaning advantages. 


Anti-corrosion coating allows for added protection of metal surfaces and act as a barrier to inhibit the contact between chemical compounds or corrosive materials. Many of the coatings listed below also provide a bonus of abrasion resistance, non-stick performance and chemical protection. We provide both corrosion resistant bolt coating services and corrosion protection fastener coating services.